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About Us

Parkewood Kennels was established in 1970 by Dr. Rose Parke. A PhD in Pharmacy, she taught at Butler University and Purdue University and held positions at Eli Lilly. Her background gave her a great depth for studying the formulations of various dog foods,  and her scientific background led to many awards in breeding and showing Golden Retrievers. One couple, in particular purchased their first Golden Retriever puppy from Rose in 1998 and religiously followed her advice on feeding, purchasing food only from Parkewood Kennels. Over the years, a friendship formed and solidified.

When Rose decided to retire, she wanted to see her legacy in the kenneling business continue. She reached out to Dan and Sally Gray, who by then owned four Goldens. Residing in Ohio, they studied the proposal and decided to help Rose transition into retirement and continue operation of the facility.

The management of the eleven acres will see some changes as they adapt the business to newer market demands and their vision for the future of Parkewood Kennels.

Their primary operating philosophy can be summarized as follows:

    -Treat every animal as though it was their own, with love and care.

    -Respond to the pet owner's needs for convenience and friendly service.

    -Provide a safe and secure place for people to board their pets.

     -Continually improve to meet or exceed the expectations of those who entrust them with their cherished furry family members.


Please consider boarding at Parkewood Kennels. If you like us, tell someone you know about us. If you don't, tell us so we can address your concerns.

                                                                                                                                                         Dan and Sally Gray