Comfort Kennels (formerly Parkewood Kennels)
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You can board your dog with us for as little as $30 a night for a standard kennel. Two dogs per kennel? Absolutely! $45 per night. (50% off).  Our deluxe kennels run $40 and $60 per night.

We do not presently board cats. 

We board dogs that are six months of age or older, which are fully vaccinated. Vaccination records are required in order to confirm a reservation or to arrange for an acclamation visit.

Your dog(s) will occupy their own 4x4 indoor kennel with a door that leads to their own private 16x4 outdoor run. They can go outdoors any time they wish, because their space is completely gated and fenced:  perfectly secure!

Our philosophy is to treat your dogs the same way we treat ours. And since we live on the premises, it's easy for us to do. Your dogs get time in the play yards first thing in the morning, late morning, late afternoon and about 10PM at night.

Staying in a new place can be stressful to some, and we want to minimize that stress. So we suggest you bring a familiar dog bed or blanket that smells like home. Likewise, please bring the food and treats they are used to eating. We feed your food on your schedule and in the quantities you prescribe.

For your convenience, we don't keep regular office hours, but instead go by appointment only--at the times that best suit your schedule. Your travel plans are usually fluid due to flight delays or traffic. To help you, we are open seven days a week (within reason). And, you pay by the night, not the day. So for example, drop off on Friday morning, pick up Sunday evening, pay $60.  Just call us if you are delayed. We understand!

Please enjoy the images that you see on each page. They show you that we are located in a natural setting, not a strip center or retail property. There are eleven fenced-in acres where we have six play yards to sniff and explore: the most space in the Indianapolis area!

Feel free to call with questions.